How to play:

Fill the truck up with boxes to get score. When the boxes starts to get close to the drop height, then tell the truck to extract them to clear it out.

Everytime you tell the truck to extract, the faster the falling speed will become.


  • R - Rotate the box
  • Space - Tells the truck to extract the boxes.
  • A D - Move 1 column to the left or the right

Getting score:

  • You get 25 score per box placed
  • You get 100 score per 1x1 box extracted
  • You get 125 score per 2x1 box extracted

Install instructions

How to play the windows version:

  1. Download the version you want
  2. Extract it
  3. Run the EXE in the folder.


Box Warehousing 131 MB
Box Warehousing 111 MB

Development log


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Kudos for being able to embed a UE4 game!  Where is the link to the LDJAM page?

Hi there, thanks it was a bit of a pain but in the end I succeeded :-)

Sorry for the long delay, I forgot to put the link into the submission url. I have done it now :-)