Space Survivor is a 2D top-down space game (somewhat similar to the game asteroids), you have to survive for as long time you can without dying.

There's some very helpful power-ups that can help you with surviving easier for a while.

^ The above instructions are viewable in higher quality in the game's instructions menu.

Latest Changelog(31-May-2020):
  • Added pickup pulling, so that the pickups that are outside screen bounds gets pulled in to the reachable bounds.
  • Now you won't have to release and then press the fire button again to shoot, when you have picked up a weapon powerup. So now it will keep on shooting.

The game was made during the Community Jam

Source code:


Game Dev Galaxy, a game dev community I'm working on with a friend. We wish to have a game dev focused community. If you want to join our community, you're welcome to check it out

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